The latest in body fashion from hip hop stars to Holywood A Listers is having hip piercings .

The popularity of hip piercings is going through the roof at the moment and they are the latest modern body accessory.

It is a typical type of piercing such as a belly bar but instead of being placed in the belly button it is placed in the pelvic area very near the hip bone instead. One of the major fashion statements is to get matching hip piercings done, one of both sides to add some symmetry to the procedure.

Many people find that this looks more easy on the eye.

The body piercing is usually done by quite a new procedure entitled punch and taper or trans dermal implants which utilises a surface piercing. This particular method is much easier on skin than other methods, the key here is that the in and out areas of the piercing are done using a cylindrical style blade which can remove tissue called a dermal punch. So how long do hip piercings take?

Well not long is the answer , it usually takes no more than a few minutes before the jewelry stud can be inserted.

Tips on Getting Hip Piercings

The most important tip if your set on getting surface piercings is to make sure you go to a reputable and experienced piercing artist, whatever you do please don’t try some kind of do it yourself action at home , there are so many things that can go wrong from scarring yourself through to infection. It really is worth spending the money and going to an artist who will give you the look that you’re wanting. Another important aspect when choosing your piercing stud is to make sure it’s the right material.

I would advise either to have a titanium or surgical steel stud, these tend to be most commonly recommended and will be the longer lasting.

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