Polynesian tattoos are traditional tattoos, which depict the relationship between human beings and the supernatural powers in Polynesian tradition.The tattoos which are reproduced in flash designs are believed to help in building strong relationships with the Gods.

Polynesian Tattoo Designs - Idiosyncratic Designs
Since hundreds of years Polynesian tattoo designs were considered a sacred art work, and the tattoo artist were regarded esteemed, and they were considered belonging to the elite group in their Island.

There are different tattoo designs belonging to the society which symbolizes different ideas. The Enata tattoo designs are natural tattoo designs which depict personal details of the individual. The design can reproduce either the individual’s background, or his native island, social status, etc.

The Etua designs have a firm spiritual meaning. These tattoo symbols were given to the person as an honor or as an offering to protect the individuals. Tiki designs relates to the spiritual ancestors or the first human being on earth. Other Polynesian tattoo designs include gecko, dolphin, ray etc which has strong meanings attached to the symbols.

Tattoos Art - Overview of the Ancient Art

Polynesian art history dates back to around two thousand years. The tattoos art originated from the ancient Polynesian society which used tattoos as a tool to showcase their culture and religious beliefs. The needles used for tattooing are made from turtle shells. During the ancient times, it took more than one to two months for completing the entire tattoo design for one individual.

Polynesian tattoos were first observed in the mid seventeenth century especially among the male members of the society followed by the females. Many children were also tattooed as a measure to protect them from evil spirits and unfavorable elements in nature. The tattoos art used basic tattoo colors unlike today, where people use an array of colors for the tattoos.

Polynesian Tattoo Symbols - Meanings

Maori tattoo designs which belong to the Polynesian category are made of complex curves and spirals, and these tattoos are made on the face, legs, buttocks, of men and neck region, chin, lips, and the back portion of the Maori women. These tattoos are usually made with the help of chisel. Hawaiian Polynesian tattoo symbols, on the other hand, in addition to being an individual identification mark, are also considered as a personal ornament.

The designs are made with black ink and are one of the largest tattoo symbols in the Island. Designs like sea turtle, arrows, lizards, dolphins, flowers from tropical regions, like hibiscus, orchids, etc are some of the popular designs. Hawaiian flower designs are tattooed as ornaments on men folks, as well. A turtle tattoo represents the long life and fertility, while tattoos with shell designs represent wealth and shark represents strength and courage.

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