This time the graffiti has grown in all styles and artistic quality that is very modern, graffiti crews now can you be found everywhere from (own) Louisville, Kentucky to mainland China, and most people who sengang with graffiti art are still going to say that "New York City conceived graffiti and always will be a major capital and cultural center of graffiti ". and with the culture of graffiti art area will be more active means it will become more famous graffiti culture.

when graffiti first come or be present, it will be done predominantly by Puerto Rican and African American youths from poor inner-city environment. berkompilasi they create works that fundamental. Now, graffiti has attracted many people, both male and female, of all, religion race and nationality of the broad types of backgrounds from all socio-economic class. graffiti art can be created by everyone as long as the person has artistic talent.


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