One of the great things of being part of the Tattoo Community is being bale to find people with the same likes and dislikes. People we can relate to and people who we can share or ideas with.

Not everyone understands Body Art like those who wear them. From a simple tiny detail to the extremes everybody has a match. Those who think that tattooed people can not live a happy, successful and loving life with a special someone have to think twice from now on.

Gender and sexual preference is not an obstacle when it comes to loving someone who is into tattoos, piercing among other things, there's plenty to choose from and the posibilities of finding a perfect match are endless.

Sometimes a good girl or guy feel the need to experiment with someone who is the opposite and two things can happen A) They get into Body Art or B) They end up divorced (Jesse James and Sandra Bullock for example). It is hard to be in the same state of mind if you're not compatible with your other half, it could be a waste of time in some cases.

Not everybody has to be into Body Art and if one half of the people involved in the relationship is into most likely the other half will fall into it somehow sooner or later but don't have to be like that.

Not having any type of Body Modification but having a passion for it as well as being with someone who has any type of alteration to their body shows that the person indeed enjoys it. Each person has their level and their own reason to have or not to have their bodies Modified and of course it should never be questioned.

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