Being aware of tattoo aftercare most people know that the best season to get tattooed starts in the Fall season all the way till Spring.

Other people wonder why, here's why.

1) The tattoo will always be covered and protected from the sun and environment in general.

2) The healing process goes smooth and since it is always covered up one does not care about the ugly stage of it.

3) Allowing the tattoo to heal completely (the way it should before being exposed) makes it ready for Summer which means the Ink will be displayed looking fresh and well taken care of like it should be.

Sometimes people feel the need to show their Ink right away and it gets to a point where they don't care if it is well healed or not, they just want to show it and that causes many problems to the artwork.

An infected tattoo could occur not only with infected needles, it also occurs when the tattoo is immediately exposed to the environment and an infection can lead to scars and more.

If you live an a tropical environment the best thing to do is simply wear lightweight loose fitting clothes to avoid discomfort.


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