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Frankie started tattooing full-time in Nov. 2009 at a shop in Queens NY.

"I am pretty much self-taught, kinda just picked up machine and went
to work..." Frankie Oneshot

About Frankie

Frankie has had the confidence to be proud and open about his work.

Frankie: "A friend of mine gave me my first machine, I had it about 2 yrs before I went out and bought the rest of equipment to start tattooing. I started getting tattooed at age 15 when it was still underground and illegal in nyc, pretty much fell in love with the art at that point.

"I started getting heavily tattooed around the age of 17. I always enjoyed watching the process of getting tattooed and pretty much went from there. I have been drawing my whole life but since age of 12 I got into electrical work, after school and shit at first, and then full time."

By the age of 17 I was a foreman and by age of 21 I was a project manager. I was so spoiled at my company, got what I wanted when and how I wanted it... The money was crazy but I always felt something was missing. In 2008 I started tattooing myself and friends, like a whenever I had time kinda thing.

In November 2009 one of my best friends and owner of the electrical company I was working with passed away, and at that time we closed company. I had 100's of offers to go and do electrical work and just didnt wanna do it anymore, so I said fuck it and started tattooing full time. A friend of mine and tattoo artist at the time saw talent and allowed me work in his shop.

I worked there for about 7 months and left to go work at another shop.
Worked there about 2 months with the intention on moving to Florida and work at a tattoo shop. Then out of nowhere I was confronted with the opportunity to buy the shop I was working at, and here I am. Took over the shop in November 2010 and went crazy getting it to be what I wanted it to be..."

Frankie worked hard to rebuild the shop and show that finally quality work is being done at the location.

Frankie: "The shop before was putting out horrible work, so it was killa
trying to re-build location. But I did what I had to and now people are coming to really take to my work..." I have the satisfaction of seeing my work out there and proudly say I did that piece.

I have only worked 1 convention so far which was Inkfest Live in Charlotte, N.C. February of this year and will be doing another convention with them again in Washington D.C. in November later this year. This time I plan on entering a few pieces for contest and hopefully I will be able to walk away with my 1st trophy... We shall see..."

"As far as my nickname "Oneshot" it comes from when I was younger it was a nickname I was given from fighting and I just kept it... Now less then a year into this I own my own shop "Oneshot Ink" in Richmond hills, N.Y."

"I couldnt be happier with my decision to become a tattoo artist... It has definitely been a struggle, but im in it cause I fuckin love it..."

Frankie Oneshot

Frankie keeps it real by being open about the amount of time he has invested as a tattoo artist which in my opinion gives customers the confidence to trust him, not only because of his honesty but by looking at his awesome work as well.

Oneshot Ink is located at: 113-18 Atlantic Avenue, Richmond Hill, N.Y. 11419
Phone: 718.312.9399
Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Visit the website:

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