This posting shows there's no limits to imagination and artistic skills when doing or getting a Tattoo.

High quality work and reputable artists are the reason why this pieces of work came to life. Remember to do research first before getting Inked.

It can be a portrait, cartoon or a traditional, the important thing is to stay accurate and find the right artist, te one that can make your wish a reality and maybe go beyond your expectations.

With so much competition is kind of hard to find a true artist. Tattoos have gone mainstream and wanna be tattooers (fakers) are on the hunt for the next victim which they can simply practice on while making the customer believe their tattooing experience is old enough to make anyone feel confortable.

It don't matter what the tattoo artist can tell you, the main thing to do is to see their work first, they can be good but that does not mean you have to like their signature style.

Reputable artists can be found almost anywhere especially the big cities. There is also well known artists (brand names) in the industry who have developed a style of their own that people can simply recognize one they see the work and know right away who did it.

One thing I have mentioned in the past is the importance of quality. Sometimes people want something huge to cost cheap, most of the time they end up getting tattooed by someone just because they were told their work is good but you can tell a lot when you look at your dissapointed face thru a reflection.

Enjoy the rest of the photos.

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