The last thing most people think of Body Modification is that make-up is included in the mix. Make up is not just to spread lipstick over the cheekbones like a Granny would do, there's a lot more to it. Make-up enhances what is already beautiful or simply changes everything when it comes to someone's exterior depending on the ocassion.

Being a make-up artist is a very busy and competitive business and only the best stand out. New York based make-up artiste Ayinde Castro is the perfect example of what a professional make-up artist is made of.

Having worked with celebrities and the fashion industry as well, Ayinde portrays the perfect example of versatility and dedication to this amazing field, which has always suited him perfectly. Is not about just applying color, is also about taking the essence of the work being made as well as making a connection thru positive energy with the client as well. Ayinde gets perfectly focused and comes up with amazing results by using his techiques and prove with his skills that this is what he was born to do.

Who is Ayinde Castro?

Born and raised at the foot of the rain forest in Puerto Rico, Ayinde Castro was raised in a place where color, contrast and texture are a part of the everyday landscape.

Ayinde was raised by artistic parents, a civil engineer/architect and a hair/makeup artist-turned pastry chef, who further cultivated and encouraged his creativity. After finishing college in San Juan, Ayinde made his way to New York City, and within months landed a makeup job with David LaChapelle for a Rolling Stone cover. Since then, Ayinde has become a sought-after make-up artist for celebrity clients including Vanessa Williams, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, Ne-yo, and Jamie Foxx.

Corporate clients also include: Davines for Barney's New York, Softsheen Carson for L'oreal, the House of Field for Rocawear and Imju Fiberwig Mascara for Sephora. In 2006, Ayinde was the makeup artist on the “Extreme Team” for ABC’s Extreme Makeover.

Ayinde has been an asset to the Fashion Industry and has an extensive resume thanks to his non-stopping dedication to what he loves doing, that says a lot about him and his character. There is a lot more to say about his work which has been truly outstanding.

You can reach Ayinde by going to his website

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