Jewelry has never been just a girl thing. Men and women have equally been found of especially body piercing jewelry, from very old times.

The history of body piercing jewelry goes back to at least a good 2000 years back. Piercing and tattooing is a very ancient art, and was practiced in many countries all over the world. In countries of ancient culture piercing was taken as a religious art. In Egypt, only the royal families were allowed to get body pierced to wear jewelry, for it was considered to be a right of only the privileged class. Though the medieval ages completely shunned the body piercing culture, with the later ages, it came in to forefront all over again and has gained immense popularity for many years now.

The way the young crowd sees piercing is from a completely different point of view. While some take it as a style statement, many find it to be an expression of their own personality. For that, they want to wear the body jewelry every day; some even want to wear it to work. This is accepted that not all kinds of piercing jewelry should or can be worn to offices of the most common nature. Piercings like those on the lips or the corset piercing or the piercing of the more wild types are never suited for an office environment.

That should not be a reason to get sad, for ear piercing and nose piercing are usually allowed by any type of work places. Even the eye brow piercings are also accepted by some work places, if the environment is not much conservative and the piercing jewelry is not too gaudy. A small barbell or small sober colored banana or spike should go well with many work places. As for the nose piercing, rings are not much appreciated in many offices. However, a small stud or cone should not be trouble at most liberal work places.

For students, wearing piercing jewelry is not really a problem. Though the more unconventional ones would not go well down with the authorities, the simple ones like lip or labret jewelry, belly button rings, eye brow jewelry or even the industrial piercings, if kept within a limit, should not be of much problem.

However, it all differs from institution to institution. Work places which are more of a flexible or creative nature, like restaurants or music cafes or even stores, do not put much restriction on the use of regular piercing jewelry for their employees. It is a common sight in television to catch chefs or musicians heavily pierced and wearing different jewelry items in lips and eye brows and biceps and so many places. But not everyone is lucky like them, for the most common mass of people have to work in conventional places.

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