All is needed is to listen to Gucci Gucci to understand where she's coming from. She is extremely skilled when it comes to the game and got plenty of swag to complement it. Stylish and unique, with a sense for urban fashion so fresh and unique that makes her stand out. Totally appealing music beats and catchy lyrics.

It's been said she wants to become a Tattoo Artist and there is no doubt she have the interest on the Ink. Something I noticed that has been surrounding her is "The Haters", people who perhaps tried giving a shot to get what she has accomplished but never made it. Fame is tough and it is even tougher when someone gets in the spotlight with a bang like Kreayshawn did.

Kreayshawn has a unique appeal that most people love but tons people simply don't admit they hate because of pride. Just because she dares to say things others don't doesn't mean you have to dislike her. It don't matter what she wants to do, something people near her should do is be happy for her and encourage her to keep achieving dreams. Strap on your seatbelts, Kreayshawn just got started and this will be a bumpy ride.


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